My cut-out black and white illustration work appears in calendars, magazines, advertisements, and logos. The Spirit of Change Magazine, Lunar Calendar, Gnosis Magazine, Crone Chronicles, and Rowan Tree Publications are a few of the places my artwork is found. The designs 'hold the page'. 

Please review my portfolio of illustrative work and give me a call for a free phone consultation to discuss your project.

Illustration services catered to your editorial or business design goals. 
logos for:

website artwork
annual reports

Editorial artwork for poetry, articles, books and commercial projects.

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Moon Haiku by Elizabeth McKim

The moon’s a mother
Like a mother she cries for 
Her innocent child. 

The moon’s a daughter 
She disappears for a while
Time of the dark moon

The moon’s a sister, 
She jump ropes with northern star
Till dawn brings her home.

The moon is a friend 
She will never forsake you
A friend till the end. 

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