Cathy Weaver Taylor

Luminary window banners, custom fit, look at luminary gallery for ideas... helps with glare... splash of color to any sunny room with windows...
Previous Luminary Workshops: 
-Worcester Public Library Teen Zone,March 2019 WAC/MCC
-Worcester Public Library, June 2018 WAC/MCC
-Upton Public Library March 2018 UCC/MCC
-Town of Acton Team Building Day Sept. 2017
-Nine Dot Gallery, Winter Blues winter 2017
-Traditions, Wayland MA spring 2016

Cathy is available for assemblage workshops for both paper luminaries and recycled nets to become colorful 'spider webs'. 

Spider webs are made from recycled plastic nets from vegetables like potatoes and onions and avocados. Participants will be saving these to bring to the event. Together we will staple the nets within a frame like a hula-hoop. The hoops can be hung outdoors with fishing line. 

Paper luminaries are made of translucent paper and placed in a sunny window. I will bring materials of paper, glue, scissors and cardboard frames and light boxes; participants will have their own luminary to take home to put in a sunny window.