C A T H Y    W E A V E R    T A Y L O R

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Cathy Weaver Taylor is a self-taught artist who likes coming up with new and different ways to see the world. .

A lot of Cathy's new work is with Assemblages, a kind of 3-D collage using different materials creating depth.

Cathy's photography is known for her moon shots, close ups of flowers and spider webs. She also has a shadow series. 

Her earlier work is in the Collage gallery, She started making paper cut outs twenty years. ago

Luminaries are transparent collages with a back up light source with richly layered jewel tone colors. 

Shimmers are collages that work with reflective material that give extra dimension. 

People Art- greetings is a work in progress with art work ready to be sent to others as a greeting.