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Spider Woman Project:
Copyright All Content by Cathy Weaver Taylor

Spider Woman and the Thread of Life

When two people mingle and merge, 
Two arms and two legs,
And another two arms and two legs,
When they merge to become one
A spider with eight legs appears.

And the spider begins a thread of connection between the two lovers
And sometimes that connection begins a new thread of life.

A thread spins forth to tell a new story creating a new web, creating a new song.

And the stars above align and shine,
And the leaping frogs croak,
And the orange salamander squirms.

The web of life is joyous and welcoming 
As Spider Woman smiles at the new thread unraveling before her
A strong and wise start to life
The merging of two becoming one
That moment beginning it all

And all of you many years later have to know,
That starting point, that place of your beginning,
The spider appearing to bring you through as a new thread is how we all begin,
And that is the starting point of all our glorious stories.

Spider Woman, grand weaver of the web of life
Crafts your entrance and carefully spins your thread 
Connecting you to all your relations.
She sets up energy lines for you to discover
As you begin to uncover your own story.

The song of life is full of new beginnings,
New sounds resonate throughout the universe.

This cacophony of life is a vibrant web
Of which you are a vital part.
Invisible lines of energy create our dimensional worlds.
Be still and feel the energetic web that is holding you now,
And feel your own life thread strong and anchored within.

Cathy Weaver Taylor

My mom and dad are in the center of my web of life; My mom has Irish parents, Catherine Mac of the West End of Boston and Edward Mullowney of Duxbury. To the side of my dad are his parents Germaine Gutchnect from Alsace Lorraine, and Daniel Weaver from Pennsylvania. I was named Catherine Germaine Weaver after both my grandmothers. 
Spider Woman manifests in many ways. 

Spiders are always making webs. One of the webs today is the  internet, the communication web for our time. Setting up a web site and using social media are two new ways I am working using the web and I am honoring Spider Woman in this endeavor. 

My maiden name growing up was Weaver, and my mom had 8 kids, so I always felt connected to spiders and webs, and I have written many poems about this. 

This project is a place to honor Spider Woman through photography, art ,and words. 
click on pics below to get slide show of all up close
Beale Preservation, Southboro, route 30