C A T H Y    W E A V E R    T A Y L O R

​When I was a public school teacher I would come home Friday nights and start my weekend with cutting out shapes, and the very act of cutting them out would calm me down. This is how I transitioned to my weekend time of rest. 

The dialogue between play and work is constant. It is artwork but it is created through the joy of play. Being open to the creative process is what my art making is about. The results of being innovative, thinking outside the box, trying to see things anew is what I try to share with others through my art-making process. 

-Luminaries are jewel toned transparent images that enliven public spaces. 

-Recycled assemblages use trash in new ways that add color, shape and movement to enhance public walkways. 

-Enhanced photography using digital applications takes familiar scenes and plays with negative space in unusual ways to let people see differently. 

I give workshops that allow people to learn that play is a basis for innovation; participants are encouraged to create new and different ways to see the world. 


Dance and Swirl magnetic art, Sensory Play 2, Creative Hub and White Room, Worcester MA, May 2023

Fox, Hopkinton Center for Art, January 2023

Spider Robe, Strut, Arts Worcester, January 2023

Flower, University of Massachusetts Medical Center Public Gallery, Creative Hub, Worcester winter 2023

Heartfelt, Cut-out collage print, 12x12” Bold and Beautiful Show, Hopkinton Center for Art, summer 2022

Uncertain Times, 3’x3’x3’, Assemblage, Arts Worcester Member One show, summer 2022

Cover art for An Outbreak of Peace, by Sarah Pirtle, Olive Branch Award Winner, 2022-edition

Three Hoops, recycled veggie bags, staples, hula hoops, Buddah’s Over Worcester, Boundless Way Temple, Worcester, May-July 2022 out door sculpture show

Fox, archival digital print, 13x19”, Material Matters: A Members' Exhibition in partnership with the Fitchburg Art Museum, Arts Worcester, March-April 2022

The Ancestors Speak Within, archival print of luminary collage, 12x12”, Dodge and Burn, Arts Worcester juried show, January-February 2022

Justice, archival print of luminary collage, 12x12”, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, juried member show, January 2022

New Growth, cover art for CALYX winter 2022

They Say She Has a Bit of a Chip on her shoulder, luminary print, ‘The Little One’, Arts Worcester, December 2021

New Growth, cover for CALYX winter 2022 publication

We Three in Solidarity and Shield, archival digital prints, ‘Wisdom Across the Ages’, international art exhibit for the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology(ASWM), summer 2021

Is White Culture Inclusive? Justice for All? The Mill Gallery, building B, Framingham MA, May-June 2021

Bow, Bend, Thrust, a woman’s work is never done, paper collage, PULP, Worcester Pop Up Jane McDonough Arts Center (JMAC), March-May 2021

Winter Morning, archival digital print, Inside Voices at Arts Worcester in collaboration with Fitchburg Art Museum, March-April 2021

At Death’s Door, aluminum print, Mary Cosgrove Gallery, Worcester State University, Spring 2021

Puzzle1, Puzzle 2, archival digital prints, Wave Till Gallery, Watertown MA, March 2021

Blackstone, aluminum print, The Big Tent Hopkinton Center for the Arts Member Show, February 2021

Early Growth, ink jet print, juried show Art in Bloom with Hopkinton Center for Art. November 2020.

Matriarchal DA: framed digital print, Arts Worcester ONE show September-October 2020.

‘Me and Tree’: archival inkjet print, CALYX autumn publication

Flame, Aluminum print, ‘Sizzle’: a juried on-line summer show at Bromfield Gallery, month of August 2020

Conversation, Home, ink jet prints, About What’s Going On’, an on-line show sponsored by Hopkinton Center for the arts July 23-August 27, 2020

Home, Under House Arrest, Lock Down, all ink jet archival photos, ‘What Matters Most’, True Grit Art Gallery, Middleboro MA opening August 8, show through end of August 2020

Flame, aluminum print accepted in juried show Abstraction, LoosenArt, International Group Exhibition, Rome, June 2020, https://www.loosenart.com

Flame, Aluminum print, member show In Transition, Arts Worcester, March- June 2020

Justice for All, Home Sweet home, Home, ink jet archival prints accepted in juried show Under the Same Flag, Funded in part from Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham, MA, March-April 2020- 

One More Glass, Just One More Glass; archival inkjet prints of collage at BAGGED AND BORDERED art show at Gallery 160 Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham,January-February 2020 juried by Sarah Alexander. 

Rock Shadow, aluminum print at ONE Arts Worcester member show, December 2019

Me and My Shadow-Hopkinton Center for Art
You: Artists Depict Themselves.   Juried by Arthur Dion, Director Emeritus of Gallery NAGA in Boston, November 2019

Into the Autism, assemblage: STITCHED: Knot What it Seems, juried show at Davis Gallery 44 Portland St. Worcester, October 25, 2019 through January 3, 2020

Who Belongs? WE THE PEOPLE, juried show at Mosesian Center for the Arts 321 Arsenal St, Watertown, November 21-January 31

BirthCommunity Art Exhibition: Reflections on Pregnancy and Birth, With Child: Otto Dix / Carmen Winant at Worcester Art Museum, September 21 – December 15, 2019. Artscope Magazine article and photos

The Tree Whisperers: Berkshires, Reflection, Blackstone, and Night Tree, Material Needs Grants Show at Arts Worcester, September 2019

Flame, Black Hole, Abstract 1 at Off the Clock a juried show at Atlantic Wharf Gallery with Fort Point Channel Artist Group, Boston, summer 2019

Earth Mother archival print at Signals at Sprinkler Factory Gallery, Worcester MA summer 2019

Conversation at About Face, Arts Worcester member show July-August 2019

BALANCE luminary at Unconventional show at Davis Art Gallery in Worcester June July 2019

Be Still 1, Be Still 2 at Watertown 'Touch Me - Art that is meant to be touched' art show at the Wave Till Gallery Watertown, May 16th through July 5th 2019

‘Starry Night’, Please Touch the Art at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown MA May 23- September 6, 2019.

Luminaries in the Library, Worcester Public Library, 2019-Reach for the Stars April 2019 partially funded by Worcester Art Council a local agency funded by Mass Cultural Council, a state agency and Alpha Graphics of Worcester. Includes a teen project for the WPL Teen Zone. 

There’s No Place Like Home, Small Works Show by Creative Circles of Hopkinton MA, Hopkinton Art Center Art Annex March-April 2019

Unapologetic, Sorry not Sorry: The Aha Moment, Women’s Work is Never Done, Women Hold up Half the World, Self Reflect, Me and My Shadow at Amazing Things 160 Gallery, Framingham March-May 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral, Going, Going, Gone- Built/Broken, Shiltkamper Gallery, Clark University; juried show with Elli Crocker; March-April 2019

Self Reflection at Perception of Self(ie), at the Mosesian Gallery, Watertown MA. January 24-March 29, 2019 

There’s No Place Like Home at the Mosesian Gallery, Watertown MA, November-January 2018; juried show

Contributing artist at A Provocative Synergy, group show at Sprinkler Factory Gallery in Worcester November 2018

‘Negotiation’ at A Matter of Perspective at Arts Worcester September-October 2018; n collaboration with Fitchburg Art Museum

Headlight, 3D to $D, Technomancy, Worcester Pop Up Gallery, September 2018

Save Notre Dame, summer 2018, Pop Up Worcester and Sprinkler Factory Gallery

Into the Autism, Healing the Wound, Healing Hands: Picturing Medical Justice/Healing Fibers at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery, July 7-July 28, 2018

Christian Right, original reflective collage, ONE Arts Worcester member show, Aurora Gallery, June 15-July 15, 2018

Luminaries in the Library- Libraries are Living Growing Places of Wisdom at the Worcester Public Library, May 2018, ongoing exhibit on second floor and entranceway, supported by Worcester Arts Council, a local agency supported by Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. 2018

Wedding Cake, original collage at Remix: Appropriations in Art, Till Wave Gallery in Watertown, May 3-June 30 2018 with reception May 3 from 4-7pm

REFLECT, TOO, solo collage show at Worcester Senior Center, March 25-May 25 with reception and workshop April 24th 11-2 and 1-3. 

Abstract 1, Creative Circles Small Works, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, March 13- April 16, 2018

Abstract 1, Stow Community Art Show, Stowe Cultural Council, Pompositticut Community Center, March 16- April 13, 2018 

Women’s Work is Never Done; Bow, Bend, Thrust, After a Fashion, Arts Worcester Aurora Gallery, March 16-April 15, 2018

Gosling, Rebirth, Worcester Council for the Arts photography at Worcester City Hall March-May 2018

We Love Books, Books Illuminate, Luminaries in the Library, Upton Public Library March-April 2018. Includes a luminary workshop. This program is supported by a grant from the Upton Cultural Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency

Abstract 1,E Pluribus Unum Show, Aurora Gallery, Arts Worcester in collaboration with Fitchburg Art Museum, though Dec. 16, 2017

REFLECT, Traditions in Wayland, one-person show, using reflective collage, Oct.-Nov. 2017

Abstract 1, Non-Objective Now: New England Artists Explore Abstraction, Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, September through end of December 2017

Crescent Moon, Recycled Assemblage at Art on the Trail at Beals Preserve Southboro Open Space Foundation June-September 2017

Grandmother Spider Recycled Assemblage at RECLAIMED, reduce, reuse, recycle, Mosesian Center Watertown MA May- July 2017

-Moving Along and Be Still at Sensory Play, The Sprinkler Factory, Harlow St . Worcester spring 2017

-Light'N'Up the Winter Blues, Nine Dot Gallery, Worcester MA
luminary window banner installation and luminary workshop, winter 2017

- Mask, Show us your other side, Sprinkler Factory Gallery, Dec. 2016

- Let there by Light, Worcester Cultural Council, Dec. 2016-Februrary 2017

- Off the Grid, Aurora Gallery, Arts Worcester December 2016

-Invisible Children, Healing Arts, Sprinkler Factory Art Gallery, Worcester, September 2016

-Cheshire Cat, Worcester Art Museum, Community Cats, summer 2016

-Pleiadian Blue installation, Art on the Trail, Hopkinton MA Aug-Sept. 2016

-Edward Jones/Creative Underground Littleton MA summer 2016

-At the Crossroads, Arts Worcester ONE June 2016

-Luminaries in the Rotunda, Acton Memorial Library, summer 2016 

-Luminaries, solo show for Arts Wayland at Traditions art space, March, April, May 2016

-Woman’s Art Forum Show at Hopkinton Center for the Arts, March 2016

-Art for Peace, Center for Non-Violence, Worcester Library, March 2016

Snapshot in Time, Davis Gallery, winter 2015

Gray Scale, Aurora Gallery Arts Worcester in collaboration with Fitchburg Art Museum, Dec 2015.

2D-3D Landscape InVision, Davis Gallery, fall 2015

Healing Threads War and Peace, Sprinkler Gallery, Worcester MA, November 2015

Rail Trail outdoor sculpture exhibit, Hopkinton MA, summer 2015

-Arts Worcester, Model Behavior: A Call-and-Response Collaboration with the Fitchburg Art Museum, Dec. 2014-Jan 2015
-Small Works Show,Fountain Street Gallery Oct.-Dec. 2014
-Hopkinton Community Arts Juried Photography Show Oct. 2014
-Hopkinton Women's Art Forum January 2014
-Arts Worcester December 2013-
-Southboro Conservation 25th Anniversary,  Beale Conservation Land, outdoor sculpture Oct. 2013
-Hopkinton Center for the Arts Member Show Oct. 2013
-Arts Worcester ONE June 2013
-Arts Worcester Call and Response 2012
-Hopkinton Center for the Arts members show 2012
-Art in Bloom, Hopkinton Center for the Arts- 2012
-Nature in the City, Goddard House, Worcester, MA - 2012
-Hopkinton Cultural Council Women Artist Show - 2012
-Women Hold Up Half the Sky, Worcester, MA - 2008
-Moving On, One Love Cafe, Worcester, MA - 2007
-Worcester Artist Group Show, Worcester, MA -Dec. - 2006
-Worcester Artist Group Show, Worcester, MA -Oct. - 2006
-Women of Spirit, Tower Court Art, Sarasota, Fl - 2005
-The Grove Project, Habitat Center, Belmont MA- 2003
-Remembering Goddess, Solo Show, Arlington, Ma - 2002
-Light and Shadow, Solo Show,Photography, Webster, Ma - 2001

Published Works:

- Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, volume 31 no.2, winter 2019
- Lunar Calendar, Luna Press 2000-present
- Women Artist Date Book, Syracuse Cultural Workers - 2012
- The Unicorn, Rowan Tree Church 1997-2008
- National Council of Geo-cosmic Research, Boston Chapter    newsletter illustrations 2005-2006
-Gnosis Magazine, Life, Death, and the Goddess - 1998
- New and Good, Women's Center for Wellness illustrations, logo 1998-2000
- Crone Chronicles Magazine 1992-2000
- "Vision and Voices of Women", Crone Chronicles - 1995
- Spirit of Change Magazine illustrations,1992-2000
- Holistic Health Guide Cover Illustration- 1995

Artist Statement
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