C A T H Y    W E A V E R    T A Y L O R

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Shimmers are made from reflective materials and play with the light. They are fun to have in your environment as they change as the light changes. ALL ONE OF A KIND. 

As Above So Below
The AHA Moment
Lunar Reflections
That Red One
Shimmers are one of a kind and use reflective paper that changes with lighting and movement. 
REFLECT: original collages at Traditions Oct. Nov. 2017
Cathy Weaver Taylor is a collage artist, photographer, and assemblage artist. A middle school education teacher for over 25-years, she was able to retire and devote more time to creative endeavors including art, poetry and research. During her teaching career, she used collage as a creative outlet for stress. Some of her collage work includes photographed transparencies called luminaries. Others include patterns of recycled cutouts of advertising print. Her collages with reflective paper set up an on-going dialog with light and movement. REFLECT, TOO brings up issues needing further reflection in these uncertain times. New work includes: The End of the World as We Know It, Meditation Morning, Fire and Water, Full Round, and Gemini Twins as Storytellers. 
REFLECT,TOO spring 2018 Worcester Senior Center